Here you can find a series of instructions and specifications for the convenient browsing of the Portal of The National Archive of Monuments.

System Requirements
The Portal is designed to be comptatible with all Operating Systems and Web Browsers (Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Opera, Google Chrome, Safari). No installation of additional plugins is required. For optimal performance, please use the latest version of each Browser having Javascript activated.

You can find the basic sections of the Portal on the left menu. In order to make the subdivision of each section visible, click the relevant link on the menu.

Font size
Font size has been set to be adaptable within the Portal environment ("A+" and "A-" buttons on the top left portlet), without any need to reconfigure your Browser.

The "Print" option on the downmost part of each page activates the appropriate Portal template for optimal printing; only the central information unit appears in each section (excluding banners, menus, portlets). Printing the whole page is possible by choosing the relevant "Print" option fo your Browser.

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