Digitisation of the Collections of the Hellenic Ministry of Culture

The Hellenic Ministry of Culture made use of the opportunities offered by the 3rd CSF – Information Society – Measure 1.3 in order to develop a series of digital actions aiming at the preservation of the National Cultural Content and the global promotion of the Greek Culture through:

• the digitisation of the cultural content

• a wide online promotional campaign of the Greek Cultural Products

• granting access to the cultural information and the knowledge stemming through various historical periods

The ultimate goal of these actions is to implement the National Cultural Knowledge Web; this will include and connect all the cultural content of the country and will enable information, training, transmission of knowledge, as well as the provision of multiple digital services to the benefit of the citizens, in a joint cooperation between the Public and the Private Sector.

The projects realised under Measure 1.3. - "Documentation, management and promotion of the Greek cultural heritage", and especially Call 152 were highly innovative and particularly interesting to the organisations involved in the Greek culture worldwide. Central position between them held the project:

"Digitisation and Digital Documentation of the Collections of the Hellenic Ministry of Culture"

The National Archive of Monuments was the Contracting Authority and the Implementing Body. EU Participation: 75%. National Participation:  25%. The project concluded by the end of 2008 and it included certain subprojects for which you can be informed about at the pages of the current section of the Portal.

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