Moveable Monuments

Τελευταία τροποποίηση: 29-OCT-2009


Aims and results

• building organized digitization units at the local Ephorates and Museums and familiarizing their staff with the digitizing processes and electronic documentation.
• establishing integrated ways and shared practices and standards of digitization and digital documentation, thus enabling the development and curation of Digital Collections.
• enhancing and expanding the National Archive of Monuments, through the digitization of selected collections of moveable monuments managed by the local Ephorates and Museums throughout Greece.

Digitization Process
The project complies with international standards and best practice guidelines on:
• selecting analogue resources.
• defining best digitizing methods for the selected resources.
• scanning images and other visual material.
• digital photography.
• data documentation.
• safekeeping databases and resources both locally and centrally.

Data Migration
Data Migration is implemented in order to include existing databases and documentation practices by fine-tuning and importing data into the National Archive of Monuments Information System.

Quality Control
Quality control takes place at different stages of the project and includes data validation and  qualitative analysis of digital or digitized visual resources. Quality check focuses on the consistency of the terminology used and the technical specifications of scanning and digital photography.

All members of the digitization team have been trained by experts. By the completion of the project, training on digitization practices and digital documentation will be also provided to the staff of the hosting institutions, in order  to be able to independently produce, manage and enhance digital content.

Having created fully equipped digitizing stations and with training and guidance provided, all participating units and Institutions will be able to contribute to the sustainability of the National Archive of Monuments, by producing content and sharing expert knowledge. Data longevity and interoperability are ensured by safekeeping databases and resources both locally and centrally and by adopting shared standards and practices. Moreover, in order to promote data accessibility and knowledge sharing, the Directorate of the National Archive of Monuments has set  priorities on:
• expanding the National Archive of Monuments in geographic, temporal and thematic terms by including more Services and Museums.
• further promoting dialogue and collaboration on issues of methodology and terminology through a dedicated web-portal.

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