The Directorate’s mission is to efficiently preserve and promote the archival material through the use of new technologies and to make it accessible to the public. The digitisation of the Historical Archive will result in the protection of the archives from natural decay, as well as facilitate access and study of the material.

The expert staff of the Directorate has designed a custom database for the management of the Archive and so far a large portion of the material has been recorded (ca. 900 boxes and more than 37.500 folders and subfolders). In addition, within the frame of the Project “Digitisation and Digital Documentation of the Monument Collections of the Ministry of Culture” (3rd CSF – Information Society – Measure 1.3), the Directorate has undertaken the digitisation of the Archive at document level. The digitised material is linked to the database of the Archive, allowing researchers to easily recall and consult the documents in which they are interested.

This material will also be organized into small virtual exhibitions, which will be renewed on a constant basis.

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