The Archaeological Museum of Thessaloniki

The Archaeological Museum of Thessaloniki is housed, since 1962, in a building, designed by the architect Patroklos Karantinos; it is also a listed building as a unique example of modernist art in Greece. The Museum’s collections include distinctive works of art and excavation finds from across Macedonia, as the archaeological service was the first state service founded in Thessaloniki immediately after the liberation of the city. Since 2002 it operates as an independent special peripheral service of the Ministry of Culture. The building was completely renovated in 2003 in order to meet new technical and museological advances. The re-exhibition of antiquities was organized into six new permanent thematic units that encompass all aspects of private and public life in antiquity. One major and 2-5 minor temporary exhibitions take place annually, covering special features of the Macedonians’ everyday life in relation to the wide Greek cultural framework and the broader zone of the southeastern Mediterranean basin.

Relief stele
Funerary relief stele. Nea Kallikrateia, Chalkidiki.

Idealistic statue
Statue of Augustus in idealistic nudity, found in 1939 at Thessaloniki.

Torso of Dea Roma
Torso of a woman statue, possibly of Dea Roma, found at Thessaloniki.

The Small Arch of Galerius
The Small Arch of Galerius, found in 1957 at Thessaloniki, south of the Galerius Palace’s Octagon Hall.

Attic Little-Master lip cup from Sindos, grave 25.

Attic Little-Master lip cup from Sindos, grave 25.

Attic plemochoe of type A. Sindos, grave 22.

Attic black figured skyphos from Sindos, grave 22.

Pear of gold headed silver pins from Sindos, grave 20.

Gold earrings
Two gold band earrings from Sindos, grave 20.

Gold necklace
Gold necklace from Sindos, grave 20.

Rectangular gold sheet
Rectangular gold sheet, used as funeral mask. Sindos, grave 20.

Silver woven chain with silver binds from Sindos, grave 20.

Lozenge-shaped gold sheet
Lozenge-shaped gold sheet from Sindos, grave 28.

Plastic vase
Plastic vase in the form of a bird. Sindos, grave 25.

Statue of Aphrodite
Statue of Aphrodite, copy of the Louvre-Naples type from the Sarapeion of Thessaloniki.

Sipye from Sindos, grave 4. Possibly from a North or East Aegean workshop.

Amber necklace
Amber necklace from Sindos, grave 20.

Bronze helmet of Illyrian type from Sindos, grave 25.

Iron sword with bird shaped handle from Sindos, grave 25.

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