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The Sculpture Collection

The Sculpture Collection contains a large number of unique pieces that present the evolution of ancient Greek sculpture from 700 BC to the 5th c.AD. The nucleus of the Collection was formed in 1874, when sculptures hitherto housed in temporary archaeological collections in Athens began to be transferred to the Archaeological Museum, then under erection. The majority of the chance finds were also housed in the neoclassical building. A major contribution to the enrichment of the Sculpture Collection, which includes about 16000 works, was made by the gradual acquisition of antiquities yielded by excavations or purchased by the Archaeological Society of Athens (1884-1893), and also by the transfer of the most important sculptures in the provinces of Greece to the National Museum. The works come from sanctuaries, cemeteries and public buildings in Attica, Central Greece, the Peloponnese and the Aegean islands. There is also a significant number of sculptures from Thessaly, West Greece, Macedonia, Thrace and Cyprus.

The Sounion kouros (2720) 
Statue of a kouros. Found at Sounion.

Funerary statue of the kore Phrasikleia (4889)
Statue of a kore. Found at Merenda, Attica.

Funerary statue of the Anavyssos kouros (Kroisos) (3851)
Statue of a kouros. Found at Anavyssos, Attica.

Funerary statue of the kouros Aristodikos (3938)
Funerary statue of a kouros. Found in the Mesogeia, Attica.

ΑVotive relief with a youth crowning himself (3344)
Votive relief. Found at Sounion.

The Varvakeion Athena (129)
Statuette of Athena. Found in Athens, near the Varvakeion school.Known as “the Varvakeion Athena”, this statuette is the truest and best preserved copy of the cult statue of the Athena Parthenos by Pheidias

Relief depicting the Eleusinian deities (126)
Relief. Found at Eleusis. Depicted are the Eleusinian deities in a mystery ritual.

Statue of a youth binding his hair (diadoumenos) (1826)
Statue of a young athlete binding his hair. Found on Delos. The piece is a copy of the famous statue of the “Diadoumenos” made by Polykleitos, about 450-425 BC.

Grave stele from Aegina or Salamis (715)
Grave stele. Found on Aegina or Salamis Exquisite work of an artist who was possibly trained in the workshop of the sculptor Agorakritos and worked also on the Parthenon frieze.

The grave stele of Hegeso (3624)
Grave stele in the form of a naiskos. Found in Athens, in the ancient cemetery of the Kerameikos. Exquisite work that has been attributed to the sculptor Kallimachos and his workshop.

The grave ‘stele of the Ilissos river’ (869)
Grave stele. Found in the bed of the Ilissos river in Athens. This outstanding monument, originally in the form of a naiskos, has been attributed to the Parian sculptor Skopas, or to a sculptor from his school.

Votive group of Aphrodite, Pan and Eros (3335)
Group of Aphrodite, Pan and Eros. Found in the “House of the Poseidoniastai” of Berytos (Beirut), on Delos.

Statue of a sleeping Maenad (261)
Statue of a sleeping Maenad. Found in Athens, to the south of the Acropolis.

Portrait bust of Antinoos (417)
Portrait bust of Antinoos Found at Patras.

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