The Varvakeion Athena (129)

Τελευταία τροποποίηση: 14-SEP-2009


Statuette of Athena. Found in Athens, near the Varvakeion school. Known as “the Varvakeion Athena”, this statuette is the truest and best preserved copy of the cult statue of the Athena Parthenos by Pheidias (438 B.C.). Athena stands on a plain  base. On her head she wears an Attic helmet with three crests. Her right arm is supported on a column and in the palm stands a Nike, about to fly. The left arm rests on the rim of her shield, on the inside of which is Erichthonios, curled up as oikouros ophis (sacred snake). Red and yellow paint are preserved in many places. Height including the base: 1.05 m.

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