The grave stele of Hegeso (3624)

Τελευταία τροποποίηση: 14-SEP-2009


Grave stele in the form of a naiskos. Found in Athens, in the ancient cemetery of the Kerameikos. An Athenian lady seated on a chair with footstool looks at a piece of jewellery held in her raised right hand and originally rendered in paint. Opposite her, a sorrowful standing attendant holds an open jewellery box on her mistress’ lap. According to the inscription on the epistyle, the deceased is Hegeso, daughter of Proxenos. Her imposing appearance –the headdress was identified as a mark of priestly office- along with the magnificence of the family grave plot to which the stele belongs, indicate clearly her noble origin. Exquisite work that has been attributed to the sculptor Kallimachos and his workshop. The background of the relief bore blue paint. Height: 1.56 m., width: 0.97 m.

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