Funerary statue of the Anavyssos kouros (Kroisos) (3851)

Τελευταία τροποποίηση: 14-SEP-2009


Statue of a kouros. Found at Anavyssos, Attica. The feet from the metatarsus and part of the lower left leg are missing. Reassembled at the waist, legs and arms. The statue stood on a pedestal of which only the middle step is preserved; on its front is carved an epigram: ΣΤΗΘΙ ΚΑΙ ΟΙΚΤΙΡΟΝ: ΚΡΟΙΣΟ ΠΑΡΑ ΣΗΜΑ ΘΑΝΟΝΤΟΣ: ΟΝ ΠΟΤ’ ΕΝΙ ΠΡΟΜΑΧΟΙΣ: ΩΛΕΣΕ ΘΟΥΡΟΣ: ΑΡΗΣ (Stay and mourn at the monument for dead Kroisos whom violent Ares destroyed, fighting in the front rank). One of the most imposing of the funerary kouroi. Height: 1.94 m.

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