The Epigraphic Museum

The Epigraphic Museum is located at the pedestrianized zone of Tositsa str. It is one of the oldest greek museums, as it was founded in 1886. Unique in its kind globally, the Epigraphic Museum is a milestone for the students of Greek Epigraphy, who visit it every year from all over the world in order to study its monuments. 13536 ancient greek inscriptions are housed here, mainly from Attica. Most of them are incised on marble or other kind of stones. They are dated from the 8th century B.C. to the 6th century B.C.

Inscription of public nature (EM 12538)
IG II2 1668. Inscription concerning specifications for the construction of the Arsenal in Piraeus authorizing the work to be undertaken by Euthydomos, son of Demetrios, from the deme of Melite and Philon, son of Exekestides, from Eleusis.

Legal document (EM 13262)
AM 66 (1941) 218-219. Honorary decree of the attic deme of Aixone for the two choregoi Auteas, son of Autokles and Philoxenides, son of Philippos.

Legal document (EM 13330)
Hesperia 29 (1960) 198-223. Decree of Themistokles concerning the evacuation of Attica and the provisions of mobilization in view of the persian invasion, 481/0 B.C.

Inscription of public character (EM 13366)
Hesperia Suppl. 13 (1970) 1-42. Letter of Emperor M. Aurelius to the Athenians.

Inscription of private character (EM 13474)
IG I3 1273 bis. Funerary inscription of Autokleides.

Inscription of uncertain nature (EM 5365)
IG I3 1418. The earliest attic inscription on stone.

Legal document (EM 6577)
IG I3 46 α. Attic decree concerning the foundation of the colony of Brea in Thrace.

Votive inscription (EM 6787)
IG I3 948. Dedicatory inscription of Peisistratos the younger to Pythian Apollo.

Legal document (ΕM 6794)
IG I3 4Β. Sacred law concerning the Hekatompedon.

Legal document (EM 6798)
IG I3 1a-f. Decree concerning the cleruchs on Salamis.

Legal document (EM 7368)
IG II2 505. Honorary decree for the metics Nikandros, son of Antiphanes, from Ilion and Polyzelos, son of Apollophanes, from Ephesos.

Legal document (EM 7383)
IG II2 687α. Treaty between the Athenians and the Lacedaimonians before the Chremonidian War.

Votive inscription (EM 6369)
IG I3 718. Votive inscription of Smikros and his sons to Athena .

Inscription concerning public administration (EM 13453)
IG I3 272. Stele of the 1/60th of the tribute of the members of the A Athenian Leage offered to goddess Athena.

Legal document (EM 10397)
IG IΙ2 43. The decree for the foundation of the Second Athenian League.

Legal document (EM 10616)
IG I3 84. Decree concerning the sanctuary of Neleus, Basile and Kodros.

Funerary inscription of public character (EM 10618)
IG I3 1162. Athenian casualty list from the battles of Herronessos and Byzantium.

Inscription of private character (EM 10646)
IG I3 1194. Funerary inscription of Keramo.

Inscription of public character (EM 10076)
IG I3 1111. Boundary stone of the city of Athens.

Legal document (EM 10050)
IG I3 78 a. Decree concerning the offering of the first fruits (aparchai) to the Eleusinian deities.

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