The Historical Archive of the Archaeological Service

The Directorate of the National Archive of Monuments is the body responsible for curating the Historical Archive of the Hellenic Archaeological Service, which dates from 1834. Its primary mission is the preservation, collection, classification, study and publication of archival and printed material, regarding the monuments and archaeological sites, as well as the history of the Archaeological Service.

The rich archival material, which dates from the creation of the modern Greek state, renders the Archive of the Archaeological Service one of the oldest and most important in the country. The archive contains administrative documents, photographs, catalogues, sketches, personal notes and other items, which provide researchers with the opportunity to study the history of the Archaeology Service, to locate information that could be useful in current archaeological research, as well address other aspects of the social, political and economic history of Greece.


The foundation of the Greek Archaeological Service


The Greek-German Convention for the excavation of Ancient Alti at Olympia


Collecting and recording antiquities during the 19th century


Maritime Archaeology in Greece


The creation of the first archaeological collections and the first museums


The First International Congress of Archaeology, Athens, 1905


1912-1922 : The Archaeological Society during the expansion of the Greek state


The protection of antiquities during World War II


Theotokos Platytera by Photis Kontoglou

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