The foundation of the Greek Archaeological Service

King Otto’s decision dated December 31, 1848, according to which Pittakis is promoted to General Ephor of Antiquities

In the pre-revolutionary years, educated people saved antiquities and prevented their transfer to western European countries by the monarchy. Korais introduced the issue first. The Greeks attempted to save antiquities from destruction in the Revolution of 1821.However, it was Ioannis Kapodistrias, the first Governor, who prohibited illicit traffic of antiquities and founded the first National Archaeological Museum in Aegina. King Otto founded later the first Greek Archaeological Service with a limited number of stuff. He introduced the first legislation in 1834, which clearly states that antiquities belong to the Greek state.
In the late nineteenth century, according to the Law 2646/1899 all antiquities belong to the Greek state. Law 5351/1932 “On antiquities” marks the Greek archaeological legislation; it includes past regulations for the protection of antiquities which are valid up to the present.

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