Collecting and recording antiquities during the 19th century

Archaeological report by K. Manthos, 1860

The Historical Archive of the Archaeologial Service offers various insights to the laborious work of preservation and protection of the antiquities carried out by the Greek Archaeological Service during the 19th C., often in collaboration with the Archaeological Society of Athens and occasionally with the assistance of the Foreign Archaeological Schools in Athens. The endeavours of three pioneers are presented briefly below.
Panagiotis Stamatakis, as ephor of antiquities of the Archaeological Service and under the auspices of the Archaeological Society conducted various tasks in Central Greece, Attica, Delos and Peloponnese and with his tireless efforts the first archaeological collections were built in Thebes, Cheronia, Thespies, Tanagra, Sparta, Ithome and Mykonos. Numerous letters, day-books, reports and catalogues of collections testify his valuable contribution to the archaeological field.
Konstantinos Manthos, antiquarian and zealot of antiquity from Kea, toured the island for many years collecting and recording ancient monuments and objects, mainly architectural remains and inscriptions, as depicted in many reports, drawings and sketches.
Gustav Hirschfeld, archaeologist of the German Archaeological Institute in Athens, was the director of the excavations in Olympia for the years 1875-77, during which period the main part of the Sanctuary was revealed. Catalogues of objects were made under his supervision, preserving important information about the identity and the context of the finds.

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